About us


Every Hi-Heat manufactured flexible heater is crafted to the customers' specifications and shipped on time, as promised.  Our satisfaction in meeting delivery dates is exceeded only by our pride in quality craftsmanship.

Many years of experience in heat applications can be called upon to help solve your heating needs.

Sally at work at Hi-Heat's manufacturing operation                           Charlie and Joan
Soldering   Charlie

Hi-Heat Industries is located in the center of Montana.  We were established in 1981 in Kansas City, Missouri at the request of customers in need of a reliable source of custom electric heating elements. We moved to Lewistown, Montana in 1990. You may find our contact details here.

In 1999 our new facility was completed to provide over 25,000 square feet of climate-controlled, clean, high-tech manufacturing space. Whether you need two parts or thousands of parts, our manufacturing facility is at your disposal.

Our solutions encompass the expertise and capabilities of trusted partner companies with these capabilities:

  • Powder paint coating
  • Laser cutting of sheet metal
  • Water jet cutting facility
  • Aluminum fabrication for welding