Small Orders Frequently

The Problem:

You need a custom designed and manufactured flexible heater, but. . .

You don't want to run out of heaters;
You don't want to tie up a lot of money in inventory;
And you don't want a lot of inventory that can become obsolete.

You want small orders frequently that are shipped when promised, so you never run out of heaters.

We work with you to break your order into smaller releases;
then we assign a guaranteed ship date and ship on time;
we guarantee our ship dates with a penalty;
if we ship late, we send you a check.

Since 2005 Hi-Heat has implemented the ideas of the Theory of Constraints  (TOC) which resulted in successfully producing small quantities of custom flexible heaters, frequently.

From 2 to 100,000 custom blexible heating elements

We recognize the importance of minimizing the dollars your company has invested in inventory; therefore, we accept orders of any size--a small quantity or a large quantity of heaters.