Industry Applications

Hi-Heat Industries custom designs and manufactures electric heaters and heating elements for an almost endless list of different applications.

Our heaters warm batteries in telecommunication cabinets, dry the ink in silk screening machines, cure the film on airplane windshields, heat laboratory samples, or maintain an animal's body heat during veterinary operations.

Industrial low mass heating elements by Hi-Heat range from complex composite manufacturing and repair heaters, military equipment and aerospace heaters, to simple enclosure heaters that keep coin boxes from freezing up.

Hi-Heat Industries, Inc. manufactures heaters and heating elements for a wide variety of industries, such as:

  • biotechnology   
  • medical
  • veterinary
  • telecomm
  • coating
  • aerospace
  • traffic signal
  • car wash
  • laboratory
  • lamination
  • printing
  • military
  • composite manufacturing and repair
  • OEM equipment
  • electric metering
  • gas analysis
  • pipe installation and repair
  • food service
  • Industry PDFs

    Food Service Equipment "Silicone Heaters Heat the Hard to Reach Places"

    Medical Equipment "From Lab Equipment to the Operating Room"

    Enclosure Heaters "Designed for All Conditions"

    Polyester Heaters "Etched or Wire Wound Heaters"

    Telecommunications Heater

    Composite Manufacturing & Repair

    Original Equipment Manufacturers'

    Silicone Rubber Heaters

    Catalog Heaters